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  • This intensive training consists of:

    • 14 full-day lectures (See the Class Schedule below)
    • 1-hour weekly review (sessions include online courses with PowerPoint presentations which include: The Treatment and Management of Chronic Illness; Making Sense of the Organic Food Market and Healing with Whole Foods and Medicinal Mushrooms)
    • Monthly consultation one-on-one mentoring with the primary teacher
    • Peer support student group
    • Every class will begin and end with Tai Chi and specific Qigong exercises with Richard Anton Diaz.  – “A Training Within a Training” – CLICK HERE

    Note: After completing the full training, students who meet the requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion. Students can apply to the AADP – American Association of Drugless Practitioners to become a national Health Coach.


Weekend One -The EARTH Element:
The Digestive System in Chinese Medicine

The spleen/pancreas, associated with the Earth element, is responsible for a variety of functions associated with digestion and the assimilation and transportation of foods, fluids and qi energy throughout the body. In this section, we’ll cover herbal and dietary strategies for “middle burner” disharmonies such as weak digestion, acid reflux, chronic tiredness, food sensitivities, anemia, blood sugar and dampness imbalances and irregular bowel patterns. We’ll also explore detoxification and mucus and microbes and how they can contribute to degenerative diseases.

Weekend #2 - The WOOD Element:

The Liver System in Chinese Medicine

The liver, associated with the wood element, stores blood and maintains the smooth flow of qi energy. The material covered will include: “harmonization theory” and common syndromes of the liver; symptoms of imbalances; formulas and diet strategies to address nervous system disorders, allergies, blood disorders, anger, depression, aggression, menstrual irregularities, learning disabilities, alcoholism and addiction; and the benefits and basics of a detoxification program.

Weekend #3 - The METAL Element:

The Respiratory System & Large Intestine

The lungs, associated with the metal element, control “qi” and take energy from the environment to feed the body. They control breath and assist the heart with the circulation of blood and energy. The breath regulates respiration, supports metabolism, and controls pulse. Topics covered will include: the “Shan Hun Lun” theory of cold-induced disorders; the theory of Febrile Diseases including “fire toxins” such as bacteria and viruses; the lungs in harmony and illness; inflammation; deficient lung qi; environmental allergies; bronchitis and asthma; the importance of breath; skin disorders; and formulas, herbs and diet strategies to heal respiratory imbalances.

Weekend #4 (Saturday)  - 

The Tao of Sexology and Anti-aging & Spring Medicine Making

Taoists have long regarded sex as natural and indispensable to human health and longevity, as vital to humans as water is to plants, and in fact, in the 5 Element system, sexual energy, related to the kidneys, is indeed regarded as related to the water element. In the Tao of Sexology, we will learn practices that permit us to cultivate this vital life force within ourselves for both balance and healing.

Weekend #4 (Sunday) -

Pharmacy: The Elements of Herbal Medicine Making

In this hands-on workshop, we will learn traditional herbal medicine-making, a holistic art involving time-honored methods developed over centuries combined with modern scientific refinements. The material covered will include: techniques for extracting the healing constituencies of plants in different menstruums (solvents); how to do an herb press; how to prepare herbal infusions and decoctions; and how to make capsules, pills, poultices and healing salves for external application. We will explore many resources and gain hands-on experience in making our own herbal remedies.

Weekend #5 - The Water Element:

The Kidney System in Chinese Medicine

The Chinese medical concept of the “kidneys” is far broader than in Western physiology. Associated with the water element, the kidney system is viewed as the “root of life” and main storehouse of “qi” energy and includes the bones, marrow, hair, ears, and adrenal glands. In this segment, we’ll cover common syndromes and imbalances of the kidney system: adrenal malfunction, bone problems, ear and bladder infections, hormonal and reproductive imbalances, premature aging, excessive fear, insecurity and poor growth and development. We’ll also delve into the use of tonic herbs for healthy aging, increasing energy and managing chronic illness.



Weekend 6 - The Fire Element:
The Heart System in Chinese Medicine
Calming the Mind and Balancing the Spirit

The heart, associated with the fire element, governs the blood vessels, promotes the smooth circulation of blood throughout the body, and also houses the Spirit. The heart relies on other organs for its nourishment and energy, so the great majority of heart problems are caused by imbalances in other organ systems. Symptoms of heart-mind imbalances include loss of memory, poor circulation, confused speech, mental depression, anxiety and heart disease. Besides studying these heart-related ailments, we’ll also examine blood disorders that affect the heart and the dietary and herbal strategies that can help address those imbalances.

The Tao of Success Advanced – How to Build A Successful Practice – Part II

In this next to the last session, we’ll practice applying what we’ve learned about Five Element Theory in hands-on application to specific case studies. We’ll practice under supervision to refine our skills in Chinese medical diagnostics/assessing health conditions, case taking and making practical herbal recommendations. There will be a small group discussion of each case study. We will also receive resources and opportunities for continued studies.

QIGONG & T’ai Chi: Connecting with our Inner Healer

Some internal martial arts and qigong systems coordinate slow movements with deep breathing and promote health by moving and strengthening the “qi” energy of the whole body, mind, and spirit. With practice, one understands the innate healing energy that exists within each of us. Qigong is recognized for helping to heal a wide variety of chronic health conditions by increasing strength, flexibility, balance, circulation, concentration and relaxation.

Life Moves through Us by How we move through our Body.


What You will Learn

  • Theory of Traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine (TCM) + principles and practices of Taoism used to learn how to navigate life

  •  Oriental Diagnosis: learn pulse plus symptoms as they related to the zang/fu organs (a collection of organs that produce and regulate qi or life energy within the body) and how the 5-Elements impact a diagnosis

  •  5-Element Nutrition: learn to design nutritional protocols for clients – foundational diets, target foods, detox diets and food cures

  • Modern Nutritional Biochemistry: the study of modern nutritional protocols – such as vitam found in supplement form and in foods used to reverse a debilitating health condition.

  •  Detoxification Group: learn to conduct a successful cleansing program

  • Tai Chi: Receive Instructor Certificate of Completion for Part 1 – “A Training Within a Training” .

Download Taoist Healing Arts Syllabus

Drew DiVittorio, Founder

 Drew DiVittorio, Dipl, is a nutritional consultant who maintains a private practice in Chinese Medicine and the Taoist Healing. He is currently the founder and primary instructor at the New York Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition, a one-year professional training program in classical Chinese herbology and nutrition. Drew was an adjunct associate professor at the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute for 10 years, is currently on the teaching staff at the New York Open Center, and teaches in the Green Medicine program.

Richard Anton Diaz,

Richard Anton Diaz is the director and co-founder of the Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Academy, a certified teacher in the Universal Tao system founded by Master Mantak Chia and a professional Health Coach and Practitioner certified with the Trinity School of Natural Health. He is the North American representative for Alphay, a Chinese-based world leader in organic medicinal mushrooms that are formulated in the Five Element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine for health, longevity and spiritual development.

Jessica Mullins

Jessica Mullins Jessica Mullins is a clinical herbalist and medicine maker, trained in both TCM and Western Herbalism. She is a graduate of the Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Academy, has completed immersive clinical herbal training programs at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine and completed Lindera, an intensive herbal training course with Jim McDonald, among many others. Jessica’s training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Western Herbalism and Reiki energy healing shaped the creation of Found Herbal, a clinical practice and extensive line of herbal preparations she started in 2016. Through teaching herbalism and medicine making, Jessica aspires to share the healthful potential of a “life more herbal” with all.  Watch Video

Hiroe Takeuchi 

A graduate of the Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Academy, Hiroe Mimi Takeuchi is now on the teaching staff and serves as the Director of the Student Clinic. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance, the Stealth Method for Reiki, and is a certified Int’l Anti-aging and Nutrition Consultant. Watch Video

Bart Potenza &
Joy Pierson 

Joy Pierson is a nutritional consultant, educator and foodie, whose quest is to change people’s awareness of health and well-being, as well as its effect on the planet and future generations, by introducing them to delicious nutritious farm-fresh, plant-based food.


"The class is truly a wealth of information. Both Drew and Anton are extremely knowledgeable and masters in their fields. They are both willing to share that knowledge with their students and patiently guide us as we learn to grasp new concepts, principles, and strategies. Given the complexity of TCM, especially when you first begin to learn it, Prof. Drew is always so thorough and patient, and breaks down complex concepts and strategies into simple, digestible terms and examples – it's such an awesome feeling when it clicks! Anton gives us the amazing gift of movement and Tai Chi / Qi Gong to incorporate as a vital healing modality into the herbs and nutrition practice. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I'm so thankful to have found this course."

Jen (class of 2019)

"Thanks to professor Drew Divittorio and Anton because of their knowledge I fall in love with the traditional Chinese medicine. I feel everybody should know how this works because this is the secret of a healthy and happy life. Being connected to my body has been an amazing journey!" 

Lindsay (class of 2018)



Our program in Traditional Chinese Healing Arts: Healing with Food and the Taoist Healing Movements encourages people who are health professionals interested in improving the health of their clients holistically, as well as laypersons who are interested in improving their personal health or beginning their own health practice.

  • Medical Professionals
  • Clinicians
  • Nutritionists/Dieticians
  • Trainers
  • Counselors
  • Bodyworkers/Energy Healers
  • Therapists
  • Laypersons


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  • Access to 1 new module every 60 days
  • Access to 1 monthly group coaching call
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  • Live text support



  • Immediate access to all 6 modules
  • Access to weekly group coaching calls
  • Hardcover self-love workbook
  • Membership to the Self-Love community
  • Live phone + text support



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