Family Constellations Online

with Richard Anton Diaz &  Rita Gendelman 

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Rita Gendelman
Opening to Family Constellation


Loves Hidden Symmetry Within Family

We invite you to step into the New Year with a new, heart-opening perspective of who you are and where you belong in this multi-layered experience of being human.  

We begin this life defined by hidden laws that allow us a “belonging” within the family we are born into.  And though we find warmth and comfort in our belonging, these laws can easily become the very chains that weigh us down; that prevent us to love, to laugh, and to live life without apologies. By understanding these underlying laws that guide our family dynamics, we can set ourselves free!  

We journey into the living presence of our family members as they are living with us in Life, or continuing to live with us, in Death. We  discover those parts that belong to us, and those parts that we can now return to them.

Join us as we approach this upcoming New Year, as we  set the intention for us to gain those insights that allow us a more graceful movement in our lives.