Solo Sexual Energy Cultivation

Foundational Trainings & Practices for Men & Women

Saturday & Sunday April 23-24th, 2022
Online & Live in New York City

Sex, Health, & Longevity

These practices not only increase our capacity for sexual pleasure but also our overall increase in health & vitality, a greater sense of emotional balance and well-being, and for many of us, an expansion of our experience of Love, and connection to a higher consciousness. 

Teachers for this Workshop

Certified instructors, Richard Anton Diaz and Sharon Smith  are certified instructors of the Universal Healing Tao System created by Master Mantak Chia. They will teach simple techniques to work with sexual energy and teach Taoist Healing Love Practices for Men and for Women in a safe virtual space.

Saturday & Sunday April 23-24, 2022

This is both an Online event as well a Live event in New York City limited to 10 people.

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