Mastering Sexual Energy Training & Practice for Men

Prerequisite: Cultivation of Sexual Energy Part 1 & 2


This training  assumes you have completed the Cultivating Sexual Energy training and that you are are able to Generate sexual energy at will, Circulate it within the body with the microcosm orbit, and Store refined, and expanded  sexual energy back into the body within the bone marrow and 5 major Yang organs.

To Master one's sexual energy as a Man, is align all the parts of himself i.e. his body, identity, his personal relationships, his family, his communities, mankind, Plants & Animals, the physical world of mass, energy space, & time, the Spiritual Self, the Source of all creation.


       Abilities gained in this Training:

  • Unlimited Expansion of Orgasm
  • Transformation of all  forms of sexual stimulation more Life force.
  • Substantial retainment of energy even after ejaculation.
  • Emotional Balancing & Management 
  • Connecting the Sexual Center to the Brain 
  • Practicing with Non-Arousal Sexual Energy
  • Transforming & Refining Aroused Sexual energy
  • Expanding Sexual Energy and Storing it within your Body
  • Achieving the Stages 1 - 4 of Valley Orgasm



Partnered Practices

Dual (or partnered) sexual energy cultivation emphasizes the interaction of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies with a partner.

In this training you will learn the theory and practice of cultivating sexual energy with a partner, together, expanding rather than extinguishing the orgasmic sexual energy.


       Abilities gained in this Training:

  • Exchanging Sexual Energy through the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Learning Key Guidelines for Practicing with a Partner

  • Learning the Nine Levels of Women's Orgasm

  • Building Sexual Stamina for the Man

  • How to Present through Beingness

  •  Healing Ailments through Sexual Positions 

  •  Modulating Sexual Energy Through Touch

  • Achieving the Stages 5-6 of Valley Orgasm

NOTE: There is no nudity or any form sexual contact but media materials may be shown for teaching purposes.
Practices are learned in class and practiced privately at home.


All trainings are taught LIVE but preceded with online sessions prior to our in-person workshops.
All sessions are recorded, as well as reading and audio materials provided for download.

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