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In our highly sedentary, media-intense culture, we need to move our bodies more than ever.
With Puela, you can now achieve your greatest potential in order to live your most fulfilling life,
while having fun!

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Cultural Dances 

Here are some specialty cultural dances to choose from for our private lessons









5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"As a bellydancer, I feel so enriched by Puela's feminine style of flamenco and the variety of dances she teaches. Through her coaching I am developing an awesome stage presence and confidence to participate in competitions."

- Zahara

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela, I am so glad I found you!  I only wanted to dance for fun & fitness because I am going through menopause, but your weekly coaching has given me new life! After each private lesson, I feel alive, beautiful, and at peace with myself. Thanks so much!"

-Lucy S.

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela Lunaris' Flamenco Power Poses have made a real difference in my career! As a CMO, I have to lead lots of meetings and engage in public speaking. In just four weeks I have gone from secretly insecure to self-assured. Thanks Puela!"

- Tamara F.

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"I am a contemporary dancer and I am loving so much my ongoing coaching with Puela because adding these original touches of barefoot flamenco to my dance is differentiating me from other dancers in my field.
I love it!

- Gina G.

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Hi! I Am Puela Lunaris...

I am on a mission to take the power of dance off the stage and into people’s lives to experience more health, happiness, and fulfilment. In our highly sedentary,media-intense culture, we need to move our bodies more than ever! I am always researching & teaching ways to enliven our creative spirit, so we can live our most fulfilling lives. Here are some of my studies that you can benefit from:

◆ Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY)
◆ Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University (NYU)
◆ Chair-Yoga, LaughterYoga, and Stress-Management Certifications by Integral Yoga® Institute International
◆ Qi Gong Certification by the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
◆ Interdisciplinary Yoga Certification by the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

◆ Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner Certification by the NLP Center of New York
◆ Zumba® Fitness & Zumba® Core Certifications
◆ Pilates Certification by Equinox
◆ Laban Movement Analysis/Dance Education Laboratory’s Teacher Training

◆ Dance Education Laboratory's Advanced Facilitator In Training (FIT) Program
◆ Planet Dance: Multicultural Dance Education Certification by DEL-NYC.
◆ National Dance Institute Teacher Training
◆ Community Word Project’s Year-Long Multidisciplinary Teaching Artist Program

Let's have fun together moving our bodies while uplifting our souls!

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Puela Lunaris Has Been Featured on...

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela is a very good dance teacher. I like her clear explanations, her vibe & composure. Not only is she a native Spaniard, but also she is enthusiastic and makes it very easy to learn the richness of the dance and her culture."

-Jean L.

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela, you inspire me to dance! 
You have so much beauty coming through your movement and energy. Beauty is not about having specific weight or age but it's about energy. There's nothing more seductive and beautiful than energy and you convey that so wonderfully in your dance and your teaching."

- Ilina S.

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela, you are such a wonderful instructor! I haven't been dancing for a long time, so these private lessons are very special. I was able to pick up quickly because of your attention to detail and your attention to me, the student. I loved how you broke it down everything step by step.  Really the whole entire one-on-one experience was great. I enjoyed learning each of the steps that I might find difficult, but you just make it seem really easy. You are a fantastic teacher. I definitely recommend these private lessons to anyone. They definitely get you in touch with your feminine side.... Your body feels good, nice and warm, great for stretching and all that good stuff too. Thank you!"

-Alisha Y.


The Focusing Energy of Rhythm™

An active mindfulness meditation, using world rhythms and the natural rhythms of our own bodies, to focus the mind and gain control over our most precious resource: OUR ATTENTION.

World Cardio Dance!

This is a fun aerobic dance program featuring movements inspired by various exotic styles of world music. You experience renewed vitality and mental clarity. 


Learn several stress-dissolving, productivity-enhancing short routines that you can use right away, on your own, at your desk, during work hours, to help eye-strain, lubricate the joins, and refresh the mind. 

Qi Gong

Hailing from ancient China, Qi Gong or Chi Kung means energy work. Through the synchronization of posture, breath, gentle movements, intention, and mindfulness, we boost our energy & vitality to feel healthier and happier.

Archetypal Wisdom™

Through dance, journaling, and empowering mythologies, we activate the power of our full potential, so we can be more productive at work and more fulfilled in life. Some of the archetypes we benefit from are: Gaia, Aphrodite, Athena, the Amazons, Medusa, Hecate, and Persephone.

Ananda Yoga-Dance™

Learn fun dances & empowering ancient yoga practices to fill your body with life force and your mind with images of yourself enjoying all good things in life. Discover the gifts of MahaLakshmi, Goddess of Fortune, who is traditionally known to grant health, wealth, happy relationships and favorable circumstances. No previous dance or yoga experience needed.


Whirling - The Dance of the Universe™ 

Whirling is an ancient dance meditation that increases the power of our bio-electromagnetic fields. It expands our ability to easily manifest our desires as we start attracting wonderful synchronicities in our lives.

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If you’re not satisfied with our class, for whatever reason, I will give you a full refund!

And, don't worry, my feelings won't get hurt. I understand that not everything is for everybody. I want you to have the freedom to explore risk-free and decide if these dance & wellness privates are right for you at this time in your life. 💛

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