Hi, I'm Rita Gendelman.

I am an Integrative Occupational Therapist. I seek to understand, without negative  judgements, and build meaningful relationships.

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I can help with better understanding your child. 

This world is so interconnected and our job is to honor that connectiness no matter how it is expressed. Your child is connected to you even though you sometiems done see it.

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Getting to know You.


Medical & Developmental History

This comprehensive questionnaire will help me understand what strengths and weaknesses your child has and how to best help him/her in the achievement of social, behavioral, academic, and sensorimotor developmental goals

Intake Forms

This form will allow me to get to know you better and provide the information required to design an individualized approach that best serves your child's and your families needs.  This form typically takes 5-10 minutes to complete and is a great first step to allow us to successfully work together. 

Parent/Caregive Relationship

Your answers will give me a deeper understanding of your family dynamics and thus will guide me to build those relationships that need the most support in order to bring peace and harmony to your whole family system. If you have any questions regarding this form please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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