Rita Gendelman
Introduction to Family Constellation


My profound experience in becoming a family constellation facilitator was birthed from helping dedicated mothers and fathers raise a child on the autism spectrum. I have made the family constellation approach the core method which I am able to successfully apply with these families.

In the last 7 years, I have been able to expand my practice in applying the family constellation method to support women devastated by loss, abuse, and abandonment, as well as couples who have been endlessly searching for a way to open their hearts and come back home to one another.  This process involves honoring & releasing the pain of ancestors whose shoulders we stand on, reevaluating beliefs, and releasing the old patterns starting from the density of the body tissues to the realm of the spirit.

The beauty of this work lives in the subtle, invisible field that we are all a part of.  This is “The Knowing Field.”  This field holds all of life, the deep wounds, and the profound bliss. The memories of all your ancestors, the lifetimes of your soul’s journey, and the evolution of this planet are all held in “ The Knowing Field”. 

As I, and the group tune into ” The Knowing Field” the imprints and memories of your family system begging to unfold. This gentle yet powerful process reveals relational dynamics that guide you deeper to claim what is yours (ex. connection, compassion, unconditional love) and let go of what no longer serves (ex. the shame, the blame, and the guilt). 

As you embrace, and honor those that have been forgotten and left behind you are able to connect with the mystery of life, your destiny, and the love that created you.  As I bring individuals and groups on this journey, the key is to trust the “knowing field”; trusting the “knowing field” allows me to effortlessly facilitate the essence of the human soul, as it spirals finding its true expression.

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