Family Constellations on Relationships

Connecting with What Makes Love Work in Relationships

In Dedication of Valentines Day"

Introduction to Family Constellations &
Man/Woman Relationships Worhsop

Thursday, February 9th, 2023      8pm - 10:15pm EST
(This is an ONLINE event)

"The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Wise"

    Our very first kiss, as well as our first sexual union is seldom forgotten. The consummation between a Man and a Woman attracts us and binds us. Whether separated or apart, regardless of whether conception takes place, we are forever bound to our intimate partners.

   With each new relationship we carry the former one. Sometimes in our hearts with love and respect, but more often, as a constriction separating us with pain, anger, and resentment. As we move forward toward new love, we bring our entanglements from former ones. 

Our journeys to the core shine light on fallen Love with greater possibilities that we may now move forward forever Rise in Love.

Dylan Smith


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