Family Constellation Workshop

Sexual Vitality Lost & Regained

with Richard Anton Diaz & Rita Gendelman
(This is an Online Workshop)


Sexual energy lives in each one of us as the most powerful body-generated, vital life-force, that can not only produce a another human being, but can also provide us with rare levels of pleasure and bliss, capable of altering our consciousness, and if channeled correctly, gift us with an entire lifetime of health, happiness, and wisdom. Yet sadly, the majority of us today, experience our sexual energy as a force that eventually “runs out” and eventually leaves our body.

Our previous  lectures we discussed how we deplete our sexual energy in physical ways. In our most recent lecture lecture we experienced, in a short experiential workshop, how our sexual energy 
through entanglements of grief, shame, or guilt within our own family system, gets misused, misguided, and lost and how through the power of Family Constellation work, we are able to reclaim it back into our being in its full capacity.